Your Drum machines aren't cutting it and you need some real drum recordings as soon as possible?

Recording Drums can be a complex, expensive and time consuming process. Joern offers live drums recorded on demand, at a reasonable price and fast.

Running my own studio and having a mic'd drumset on hand, ready to be recorded at any time, had always been my dream. In 2006, I made my dream come true and founded Drumdubs Drumrecording.

drumdubs.de  was born out of the desire of musicians and producers who were fed up with programming drums or using drum loops in their songs.

In 2006 I decided to set up my online drum and percussion recording service to deliver high quality drum tracks across the globe and to eliminate financial and time wise limitations while recording an acoustic Drum Set. Musicians, bands and producers send me their tracks via email, I record the live drum tracks at my studio and then email the high-quality drum tracks back to them.           

Instead of hiring studios, engineers or drummers my drum recording service is quick, easy and most importantly it’s affordable.

Since I set up my recording service the client base of drumdubs.de has expanded rapidly and until today I have recorded drums for a variety of Clients.  Major Labels Companies like Universal, EMI and BMG used my Service, Artists such as Carl Carlton, Rene Noçon, Max Buskohl and MisterME trusted in the Sound of Drumdubs and a bunch of different Producers all over Europe used Drumdubs as their „ Human Drum Plugin“.

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